Study abroad

Study abroad : multiple opportunities

Embracing the international element is an opportunity and a requirement for each of our students. Companies look for people with intercultural experience and who are open to the world.

International study is proposed in the 2nd and 3rd years but other opportunities are offered during the program.

We offer the possibility to study abroad within the framework of Summer Schools
(European, Asian and American tracks)

Study abroad: our campuses and partner universities

Students have the choice between 190 partner universities or our 3 overseas campuses.
We encourage departs in universities and in small numbers to better assimilate the culture of the country. Studying in one of our overseas campuses (London, San Francisco or Shanghai) also offers a wonderful opportunity while taking advantage of the ESCE framework.

Customized support for study abroad

The International Department helps students with their departure to foreign countries and institutions while offering practical advice relating to their stay.
The international department also provides answers to questions relating to:

  • Accommodation, which is one of the main preoccupations of students who must leave their country for a semester or a year. The campuses provide accommodation in many of the cases. If it is not the case, the department provides lists of accommodation (private, flat-sharing and university residences).
  • VISA: For certain countries that require a visa, ESCE brings real support in the constitution and follow-up of the file.

During their stay, it is not uncommon for students to contact the international department team for educational, administrative or logistical questions.

Students also take advantage of ESCE students that have previously gone to study in other countries. A veritable community has formed which allows new students to come into contact with those who have already had this overseas experience: a wealth of information and advice.


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