Corporate Finance / Financial Markets

Grande Ecole – Master’s Program

Corporate Finance / Financial Markets  

Work in a small/medium firm or in a large corporation

The Corporate Finance specialization provides a theoretical and practical understanding of the financial decisions of individuals and companies.

  • Possibility of passing the AMF certification
    • The institutions that hire are mainly banks, insurance companies, finance departments of large and small companies, and consulting firms.

The Financial Markets specialization is based on three main pillars:

  • How to invest funds in different financial securities
  • How to finance investments in real assets to create value
  • How does financial intermediation work.

The teaching of these specializations takes into consideration the methods of financing companies and the theory of financial markets.

Integration and salary levels are on average very high.

Corporate Finance Specialization

The bonuses

The subjects

Advanced Corporate Finance, International Banking Regulation, Working Capital Management

The Skills

Distinguish the financing decision and the payout policy for a corporation, Understand strategic, financial, operational impact of M&A transactions, Evaluate investment opportunities using real options

The Opportunities

Account manager, Financial analyst, Treasurer, Financial director

Financial Markets Specialization

The bonuses

The subjects

Financial Derivatives, Fixed Income Securities, Sustainable Financial Strategies

The Skills

Design hedging strategies involving financial derivatives, Analyze the effects of monetary policy on the working of the financial system and the management of individual banks

The Opportunities

Trader, Broker, Portfolio manager, Wealth manager

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