The international character of internships at ESCE

  • By vocation, ESCE gives priority to internships abroad and every internship must contain an international dimension.
  • These internships are also an excellent means to make progress in languages and acquire specialized vocabulary.
    90% of internships in the ESCE programs are in a language other than French.
100%of internship have an international aspect
10spoken languages
50in 50 countries

Build a career path

Whether in the Master’s or Bachelor’s program, internship periods are very important for students and for building their professional project.

Master’s Program :

  • 1st year : a 2-3 month immersion internship
  • 3rd year : a 6-month pre-specialization internship
  • 5th year : a 6-month pre-recruitment internship as of January (or employment / VIE)

International projects and optional internships are also offered in the 2nd and 4th year of study and allow our students to further their knowledge of the professional world.

Bachelor’s International program

  • 1st year : a 3-month placement period to discover the professional world
  • 2nd year : a 3-month internship
  • 3rd year : a 6-month end-of-study internship

These experiences allow students to put into practice knowledge acquired in class and to increase competences with one simple goal: find the job and sector of your dreams at the end of your studies !

A team dedicated to helping you

  • A team of six people is dedicated to supporting students in their internship search.
  • Each student can take advantage of personalized monitoring with individual meetings.
  • Checking CVs and cover letters, putting in place techniques for an internship search and interview simulations are proposed to students during these meetings.

Tools and meetings to help your search

ESCE offers a range of services to help you in your internship search:

  • Up-to-date on-line offers for internships, employment and VIE. Over 6,000 offers per year in France and abroad.
  • A push « alert » system to keep students informed
  • The possibility to consult evaluations made by apprentices for each company in order to have a better view of internship offers
  • Organisation of several business forums each year
6000offers per year
70%of our students get an job opportunity before the end of their internship
85%of the students find their internship thanks to ESCE

Solidarity internships

Would you like to combine professional experience and solidarity action ? ESCE allows you to conciliate these two imperatives thanks to its Bridgeo partnership. Students can leave for international internships within an organized framework, NGOs or companies to have a « unique meaningful experience » all over the world.

Disabilities are taken into account in our internship policy

Pursuing studies when a person has disabilities is possible; ESCE’s approach is based on listening to and supporting students.

The Handiwork program at ESCE is:

  • Guaranteed access to employment and adapted positions and facilities/equipment
  • Consideration for each type of disability
  • Partnerships with companies willing to welcome our students
  • Support our students in their endeavours

L'école qui forme aux carrières internationales

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