Allocations to help finance study.

Study fees

  • 10750€/ year for the Master’s program (+1000€ for the European, Asian or American track). There is no supplementary tuition charge for university exchanges.
  • 7950€/year for the Bachelor’s program

Apprenticeship courses are exempt from tuition fees.

State grants

  • Within the framework of the Grand Ecole, students can make a request for a higher education government grant.
    To be eligible, you must fulfill certain conditions of nationality, age and resources and apply before May.


Concerning the International Bachelor’s program, you will not be eligible for the CROUS, however, you can benefit from a (10% or 20%) reduction in tuition fees in function of your level.

Merit grants

In function of the grade obtained on the baccalaureate, students in the Master’s and Bachelor’s program are rewarded with a reduction on tuition fees in the first year of study.
Mention bien = a 20% reduction
Mention très bien = a reduction of 30%

Excelllence grants

In function of the average obtained at the SESAME entry test, students can benefit from a reduction in tuition fees in the first year.
Over 14/20 = a 10% reduction
Over 16/20 = a 20% reduction

Merit grants and excellence grants are not cumulative.

Loans at preferential rates

As an ESCE student, you are entitled to advantageous conditions with our partner, the Caisse d’Epargne. You can borrow up to 60,000 euros at a rate of 0.8%.

An example of reimbursement: For a loan of 10, 000 euros over 48 months, with a fixed debit rate of 0.8% the amount of the 48 instalments is 211.75 euros.

For further information contact :
Arnaud LALIGANT : arnaud.laligant@ceidf.caisse-epargne.fr

Accommodation Allocations

The APL (personalized accommodation allowance) is financial help to reduce the amount of your rent. Students, under certain conditions concerning resources, can receive this allowance when they rent accommodation regardless of their age.

Grants for study abroad

Students leaving on exchange programs in a European establishment, holding Erasmus University charters, have the possibility of obtaining a study grant following certain criteria established by the European commission.
This help can also be accorded, under certain conditions, for internships carried out in countries that are part of the ERASMUS+ program.

Students with disabilities who wish to leave under the Erasmus+ program can apply for a complementary subsidy.

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