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Blockchain Project Design Master

Blockchain Project Design Master 

Innovating and unique training

The « Block-chain Project Design » course was designed to provide a solid base of knowledge on Block-chain technology and also to help students understand the issues, consequences, use and models in a strategic dimension.

This course is the result of studying markets and recruiters to produce managers capable of mastering this double-competence (combining techniques and business). Block-chain applications are vast and can be developed in very diverse sectors such as, banking, insurance, health, supply chain… Recruiters need specialists mastering the entirety of the job process and also who are capable of running MOA and MOE projects.

Strong points in the course

  • Course based on practical work and quality conferences
  • Lessons in the classroom and on-line to make study convenient for working professionals
  • Lessons taught by specialists in their domain
  • Workshops in London and San Francisco to broaden knowledge in an immersion mode
  • A professional thesis and a practical assignment in a company

Course Program

1. Acquisition of theoretical knowledge

The first part of the program is dedicated to the phenomenon, emerging of questioning and issues of the Block-chain (anonymity, data persistence, governance,…)

2. Skills development

The program associates a multidisciplinary public of engineers and managers. It is therefore necessary that each person have knowledge in terms of engineering and management in order to benefit from a solid common base. This period is designed to ensure that people from both backgrounds (engineers and managers) are in a position to understand the range of questions on the Block-chain.

3. Initiation to Block-chain practices

This part of the training is dedicated to the technical functioning of the Block-chain as well as constraints concerning its implementation in a company. Being capable of exchanging information as an expert in this technical language, students will follow the third period of study which focuses on the double competence acquired to deploy Block-chain skills. The student will be to able carry out studies on the opportunity or feasibility of Block-chain solutions.

4. A sector approach in the use of the Block-chain

The expansion of the Block-chain in different sectors of activity shows the wide range of possibilities concerning Block-chain technology. However, deployment of a Block-chain solution is neither standardized nor homogenous. Students will therefore learn about different Block-chain perspectives and solutions following a sector approach so as to better identify techno-managerial issues.

5. Specialization

The task for students is to show the scope of their competence by developing a first Block-chain solution in a specific environment taking into account the challenges in and for the sector. The objective is to develop a Block-chain tool and master the challenges: hackathon, meet-up …

The course is completed by an assignment in a company and a thesis.

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