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Accreditation, partners and rankings

A school of reference

ESCE is one of the leading business schools in France, notably being

L’ESCE is one of the high-quality business Grandes Ecoles in France, and in that respect belongs to :

  • Grandes Écoles Conference Member
  • EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development) member
  • UGEI (Union des Grandes Écoles Indépendantes) member


More recently, 2 labels obtained by ESCE:

  • BSIS
  • Bienvenue en France

Partners of renown

  • Institutions specialized in international activity join ESCE through partnerships
  • Co-founder with BUSINESS FRANCE et la COFACE de FORMATEX (Formation professionnelle permanente et continue en Commerce International), a continuing education institution specialized in international trade.
  • CGPME International Commission member
  • MEDEF (French Business Federation) International member
  • CNCCEF partner (National Advisory Committee of International Trade)
  • Poitiers IAE Partner (Administration Institutes network)
  • « Apprendre Montessori » Partner to develop a different type of education in the programs. This is the first time the Montessori education method has been set up in higher education.
  • Companies are at the heart of the school. They participate within the structure of internships and apprenticeships, but also in program conception and visits/speeches/conferences for students.

Our institutional partners


ESCE programs are appreciated in rankings and underline the importance of the school to produce managers capable of working overseas. Proof of this, the « Palmarès de l’Etudiant » (monthly education magazine rankings) has positioned ESCE for the last three years in the number one position of the post-baccalaureate category, « Travailler à l’Etranger » (Working Overseas).

L'école qui forme aux carrières internationales

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