ESCE est une Grande école de commerce internationale à Paris et Lyon, proposant une formation post bac ou en admission parallèle.

Supply Chain Managementeng

The Supply Chain Management is a way to manage processes within and between companies across the globe. Familiar with the concepts and logistical tools, students gain the necessary information needed to understand the strategic and operational challenges currently facing companies around the world.

The plus of the program

› Practical experiences, internship placements, company visits are the most interesting an tangible knowledge to acquire.
› To explore careers in all different sectors from agricultural to hospitality as well as the international transport, aviation industry or the fashion industry.

Related jobs

› Demand planner
› Industrial buyer
› Sourcing purchaser
› Product supply
› Scheduling manager
› Airport Operational Manager
› Logistics controller
› Logistics Customer Service Officer
› Outsourcing Manager
› Logistics coordinator
› Supply chain director
› Flow leader
› Warehouse Manager
› Trade Director
› Distribution Manager
› Logistic Consultant
› Continous Improvement Manager

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