Once an international student has been confirmed into any of the ESCE programs for International students, the International Relations Department will be the main point of contact prior to arrival and during your exchange in Paris to complete administrative and logistical procedures.

Members of the International Relations staff are here to help the students with the formalities of living and studying in France and they are able to advise on different questions and concerns the international students may have.


For practical information about visa, accommodation, health insurance and life in Paris, Welcome Guide


For IT information (login, WIFI, Intranet, educational platform, time-schedule, digital library), ITGuide-ENG


For information about Campus printers, Utilisation des copieurs-ENG.docx





ESCE has developed partnerships with various university and private residences in and around Paris and the housing options will be communicated to you once you have reached the second step of your registration process at ESCE.  The information is also available in our “Welcome Guide”.


Estimated costs: from 500 to 850 Euros per month (single or double occupancy)


Government housing subsidy (CAF)


Students have the possibility to obtain a government housing subsidy upon arrival in France.  Please consult our “Welcome Guide” to find out if you are eligible for this subsidy.




International students who are non-Europeans do require a visa to study in France.  Please contact the nearest French Embassy or Consulate (visa section) in your home country to obtain the detailed requirements to apply for your visa.  Please apply for your visa to study in France well in advance before you leave your home country.




Once you have been confirmed into a program at ESCE, an official letter of Admission will be sent to you by ESCE to start the visa application process.  If there is a Campus France office near where you live, please contact Campus France www.campusfrance.org or the nearest French Consulate in your country to apply for the visa to study in France.


Health Insurance


It is mandatory for all students to have a medical health insurance while studying in France.
The students from other EU countries must provide a copy of their EU healthcare card upon your arrival in France to ESCE. The International students who are non-Europeans must register for the French national Social Security coverage for one semester or for one year.  This application process must go through the school. Current cost for the French Social Security coverage for 2014/2015 is:  213 euros for one semester or one year.


Orientation Program


The Orientation Program for international students takes place at the beginning of each semester in order to assist the new international students to understand and to integrate into the ESCE and the French educational system as well as into the general French culture.
This program lasts for one week and many different information sessions are organized to explain the various administrative procedures:

  • housing
  • healthcare coverage in France
  • application for a stay permit (carte de séjour) in France upon arrival
  • applying for the government housing subsidy
  • course registration
  • information on the courses, etc.

Various social activities are also organized accompanied by the French students providing opportunities for culture exchanges from both sides. This is also the time for the ESCE French students to take the opportunity to meet and get to know their international counterparts and welcome them to ESCE since one day there is a possibility of meeting them again in their home countries.